Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Orleans Trip!

So, I've been missing in action for over a week now, but that is because my husband and I took a little trip to New Orleans!  Every year, his company pays for him and a guest to go to a different location for a conference they hold.  It is really great because we get a little time away and get to go enjoy some fun things.
We took the kids up to Utah to spend the time with their grandparents and then we flew out from there.  It was a perfect timed trip because last Friday was our 12th wedding anniversary. 
New Orleans is an interesting city.... it's not at all what I had envisioned.  It's actually a stinky, dirty city.  It has a lot of neat history things to see though.  The weather is awful.... it is about 100% humidity.  You just drip when you go outside and when you've been out for about 5 minutes, you feel suffocated.  I would take Vegas heat over that any day!
Here we are one night before a reception dinner we went to:

We went on a walking tour of the French Quarter one morning with some others from the conference.  The French actually settled New Orleans and that is a neat history in itself.  The buildings they built were beautiful and most are well kept today:


Another day, we went on a bus tour of the city.  That was really fascinating and we really enjoyed that.  Since New Orleans is below sea level, all of their cemetaries are above ground.  They have really neat cemetaries and so many of them.  Some of the graves have many people buried in one thing, they are stacked on top of eachother.  There are even waiting boxes to put corpses in until they can be buried in their tomb.
We also were able to see some of the hardest hit areas during Huricane Katrina.  So much has been done to rebuild homes and clean up the city.  But, there are still a lot of empty lots where homes once stood and had to be torn down.  There are also areas where debri still sits in piles and empty homes that people may never come home to.  Most of the city was underwater and it's hard to believe this is what is once looked like:
The hubby and I explored one of the oldest cemetaries one day.  Most of them were falling apart, but it was very interesting.  Some of the graves had X's on them indicating that that person was into Voodoo.  Here is a picture of hubby at the grave of Marie Laveau, the queen of Voodoo.  People have thrown all kinds of stuff on her grave (I guess to show respect??):
One night, we went aboard the Natchez, a steamboat and sailed down the Mississippi River.  That was really neat and then we were able to have dinner onboard with the company:
We flew home Father's Day morning and I was really happy to get back to my kids.  They had a lot of fun with grandparents while we were away and they had made so many cute things to give to hubby. We had a good day spending time with our fathers and our family. 
We drove back home the next day and it is good to be home!  I'm grateful for the memories that were made and for the great time we all had!

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  1. A trip without kids! How nice! You look so cute with your baby belly ;) New Orleans is one place I haven't been to yet, nice to see a photo tour!


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