Friday, April 06, 2012

The Food Nanny - Bread Recipe

Have you heard of The Food Nanny?  I just love that show.  Liz Edmunds visits homes of those who are in need of her help.  She helps give tips and tricks on how you can make dinner time more successful.  She helps families create meal plans and shows them how to make a meal.  She offers advice on how dinner time can work for each family's needs.

She also has a book that I've read and it has all her recipes in it.  You can also google a lot of her recipes and get them online.

If you go here, you can see if it airs in your area.  It doesn't in mine, but you can also watch it online which is really nice.  Liz is full of energy and is such a nice person.  I love her recipes and simple she makes things.  She has 7 kids, so she must know what she's talking about!
One of her recipes that I have tried and liked is for Whole Wheat Bread.  I have been trying to find a recipe that I like.  I am picky about my bread.  It has to be pretty soft and thick.  I watched an episode where she made bread with a family.  I tried the recipe and loved it.  If you would like to watch the episode, click on this link.  Click on play, and your set.  I love that you can watch whole episodes.  Here are some pictures of how my bread turned out:

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